About Us
Anointed Word International Ministries, Inc. (AWIM), is a cutting edge ministry, founded in 1990 by the Holy Spirit, working through His vessel, Dr. Jacqueline E. Anderson. Before the foundation of the world, God had ordained that AWIM be raised up in this day and time to propagate the unadulterated Word of God to the lost so that through us, He would be able to beget godly offspring. AWIM has been anointed to fulfill God's divine purpose in operating in the apostolic:

Our Mission: “To root out, to pull down, to destroy the works of the devil, and to operate in His kingly anointing, to produce trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord...a people who know who they are and how to partake of their divine inheritance”

Our theme is:
"...and it shall come to pass in that day that his burden shall be removed from off your shoulders, and his yoke from off your necks and "the yoke shall be destroyed because of the Anointing" Isaiah 10:27

Anointed Word International Ministries, Inc. (AWIM), is a non-denominational, multi-racial multi-ethnic ministry body. It’s mission and purpose is to disseminate the true gospel message worldwide to individuals of all age and economic groups, and racial backgrounds so that the Lord God can produce Kingdom ambassadors to carry out His works here n the earth. Not only does AWIM provide spiritual food, via the Word of God, for your growth and advancement in Kingdom principles, but also a wealth of natural information to prepare you for effectively handling your trek through this earth walk.

Anointed Word International Ministries, Inc. (AWIM), has a wealth of information to bring to you and to your family so we are asking that you be patient and keep checking for updates,
events, and more. We also hope that you will encourage others to visit our website.

Make sure that you click on our prayer page. If you are going through any trials and tribulations that are engulfing you and you don't know how to shake yourself loose from them, we encourage you to fill out the
prayer request form and submit it.

You do not have to go through life fighting your battles alone. We are here to help you. Sometimes we, as individuals are not strong enough to deal with situations on our own. Sometimes, even though we pray, we don't pray effective prayers. Maybe you are praying the wrong way and need a little assistance.

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord, and we want you to know that you are not alone, and that you can live a victorious life.

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