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AWIM Family would like to personally welcome you to an exciting trip through our website to become thoroughly aware of how the Lord has chosen to use us in this day and time. As you peruse our site, be aware that the Spirit of the Lord will speak to you and help you to find answers to questions for which you have needed details. It is our prayer that you will continue to take time out to partake of the wealth of vitally useful information, and that you will be blessed by it.

As you surf the sight, we believe you will be enriched as you find yourself advancing in knowledge, understanding, and insight as a result of exposure to all the information we share with you, to instruct you, to uplift you, and to empower you.

We encourage you to realize that we intend to set ourselves in agreement with you to receive speedy answers to your prayers as we join forces with you Make sure that you click on our Prayer Page. If you are going through trials and tribulations that are engulfing you, and you don’t know how to shake yourself loose, or to fight the demons and stop their attack against you, we encourage you to fill out the Prayer Request Form and submit it. Your requests will immediately be taken before the Throne of Grace, so that you will receive the needed help from the Lord.

You do not have to go through life fighting your battles alone. We are here to help you. Sometimes, as individuals, we are not strong enough to deal with situations on our own. Sometimes, even though we pray, we don’t pray effective prayers. Perhaps you are praying the wrong way and need a little assistance via a strong prayer partner whom you know has a strong relationship with the Lord, someone that you know walks in great faith.

You do not want to pray selfish prayers, always about me, myself, and I. That type of praying will greatly hinder your prayer walk and you will find receiving answers will be blocked. Always remember to pray for others, first of all, for the president, and all men in authority everywhere. Then focus on the sick and shut in, followed by other vital areas that need God's Kingdom Ambassadors to come together and pray for so that change will be produced.

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord, and we want you to know that you are not alone, and that you can live a victorious life.

Also, make sure to click on our Contact Us page, join our Mailing List, or why not Partner with us. Let us know if you are a pastor, minister, member, friend, or a visitor. We want to make sure that we keep you abreast of everything that AWIM is doing.

Keep reading, we are moving forward to a higher spiritual dimension...another level.
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