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Helps Ministries

Anointed Word International Ministries, Inc. has a multiplicity of Helps Ministries which are designed to do exactly what the word "helps" depicts. These ministry arms are made up of several types of service tentacles which are designed to help complete the works of the Parent Ministry and to perform all needed tasks in the spirit of excellence required by the Lord.

Accountability Ministry
Many individuals came into AWIM bearing burdens which arose as a result of disturbances in their past which caused emotional distress in their lives. Subsequent to joining AWIM, these same individuals experienced mighty deliverance's as a result of the burden removing yoke destroying anointing released by the Holy Spirit.

Because of the nature of the deliverance(s) experienced, and the recognition that the devil has no intention of letting them go without launching a serious attack in an attempt to regain ground, it is imperative that help is provided for these individuals to insure that they will be able to maintain their "healed state". Providing this help is the work of AWIM's Accountability Ministry, which furnishes accountability partners who are responsible for follow-up contact with the affected members, as well as other support services.

Altar Ministry
Individuals who are a part of this ministry assist in ministering to those who come forward for prayer and laying on of hands. They are available to hear the needs/prayer requests of the seekers and convey these requests to the Pastor, or initiate prayer on the individual's behalf. Further, they provide assistance with the teaching(s) about how to receive the gift of the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, accompanied by speaking in other tongues.

Baptism Ministry
Individuals provide assistance in preparing candidates for water baptism. This preparation involves contacting the candidates, notifying of scheduled baptisms, and answering questions relative to baptism, such as: the purpose of baptism - why it is required of a Christian; things a person needs to do to get ready for baptism; scriptural support to help individuals to understand the scriptural basis for baptism.

Beautification Ministry
Individuals who are gifted with artistic flair and/or the ability to provide loving expert care and special treatment of plant life in the sanctuary. They are responsible for the overall beatification in the foyers, hallways, offices, etc.

Communion Ministry
Individuals assist in preparing the Communion to be received by the Body of Christ during services. This preparation includes: maintaining the communion ware; going out to visit and/or serve communion to those who are shut-in (at home, in the hospital, in nursing homes, etc.). Also they assist in ministering to those who come forward to be served communion.

Computer Ministry
This very unique ministry arm is responsible to provide computer training for AWIM members and members of the surrounding communities. Because of this great information age in which we live, we realize that computers will be on the scene in some form or other, until the end of this age. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the many-membered body of Christ become astute in this area. Thus,
Anointed Word International Ministries Education Center - AWIMEC provides these valuable services to enable our students/trainees to secure jobs, promotions, engage In entrepreneurial enterprises. etc.

Dance/Flag/Mime Ministry
Gifted adults and youth receive dance training and minister to the Lord through their gifts of dance expression in AWIM’s numerous services. They also are called on to minister in dance at various churches, schools and other settings.

Drama Ministry
This ministry arm prepares individual members who are endued with acting and interpretive abilities to present dramatic presentations for the purpose of evangelizing, edifying the Body of Christ, and providing Christian entertainment and teachings, via drama. Ministry leaders work very diligently to "stir up the gifts" in each participant and help to prepare them for presentations in the field of drama.

Events Ministry
Responsible for scheduling all church events, maintaining oversight over volunteer committees to insure excellence in the handling of all functions from inception to completion. Events include: seminars, retreats, special services, conferences, workshops - financial, insurance, income tax, real estate tax outreaches, credit repair, health wellness and nutrition, etc. This ministry is to be contacted for information relative to the scheduled events.

Grants Ministry
This ministry is responsible for investigating all available grants, through private foundations, and federal and state government, and determining their applicability to services provided by AWIM. Further responsibility includes preparing of applications and necessary documentation to secure grants.

Hospitality / Greeters Ministry
First impressions are lasting impressions. For that reason, an attendee's first impression of the church is of utmost importance. That's where this ministry comes, in as it has the very special responsibility to provide a wonderful first impression to all who attend our services. Its individual members provide a warm loving response to all individuals entering the sanctuary to attend all services.

Maintenance / Plant Ministry
This very capable and professional group of male and female individuals handle all cleaning, maintenance, and repair work for the upkeep of the physical plant to insure that beauty and excellence is maintained in God’s house.

Marriage Ministry
Assists couples who are planning or engaged to be married, by preparing them in advance for this tremendous step. It is AWIM's intention to help propel these couples forward by providing in-depth teachings about the absolute need for each party to be "ready for marriage", God's way, not society's way. Most people completely ignore God's warning against being unequally yoked together; this ministry provides in-depth information relative to the benefits of being equally yoked, as well as how to guarantee a successful marriage by living in compliance with the governing principles of marriage, as detailed in the Word of God.

Teachings are provided so that the couples will utilize God’s principles regarding marriage, including abstinence before marriage, proper handling of money, esteeming one another highly, loving and respecting each other, continuing the intimacy after the marriage ceremony, the difference between making love as opposed to simply having sex, and many other issues regarding marriage.

Mentoring Ministry
Many of the youth at AWIM have grown up in single-parent homes, in which the majority have had mothers, but no fathers residing in the home. Oftentimes, there is not enough time available for the mother to devote to insuring that their child(ren) put forth every effort to give their best in their academic experience. Consequently, lower grades and other signs of emotional problems manifest. Many of the mothers have a hard time being able to work or cope with these most urgent needs. AWIM has determined that these young people will have every opportunity to have these needs met, and for that reason, the establishment and continuance of our Mentoring Program, beginning January 2001.

Services include in-person or telephone contact with the school principals, counselors and teachers of our youth by the Pastor and other staff. This is to insure that excellent grades and attendance are maintained by our youth, that behavior is proper, and that adequate socialization is occurring.

Retention Ministry
Many local churches provide no follow-up for members who are absent from attendance for long or short periods of time. Our Retention Ministry maintains contact with our absent members to determine the nature of their absence(s), as well as to ensure that these individuals know their presence is missed. If the absence is due to illness, name(s) are generated to the Anointed Touch Visitation Ministry for special follow-up.

Media Ministry
We are so blessed by the Lord to have the capability of reproducing our weekly services and memorialize our dynamic messages via several mediums. This great task is handled by our Tape Ministry which is responsible for the handling, preparation and duplication of all audio and video tapes, DVD’s and CD’s, which are weekly produced by AWIM. The work of this ministry includes production of the audio and video materials, artistic label design, marketing, sales and accounting of the items. You may click on our TELECAST page to view some of our dynamic messages or see our Sermon Directory for details on available messages and how to order them.

Volunteers Ministry
All other necessary functions which are not covered by the other ministries, are performed by this ministry. Individual members provide voluntary assistance, such as: computer training services; working with the weekly Food Pantry, preparing and compiling brochures, programs, flyers, announcements, etc., tutoring classes, and chaperoning during outings with the youth.

AWIM continues to grow and expand as the Lord has enlarged our territory to further touch the lost for Christ.