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Youth Ministries

Anointed Word International Ministries, Inc. has a great love for the youth of this generation. We have been mandated by God to arrest the attention of the youth and show them a better way than the one which the devil is using to capture the minds of those who have no strong biblical foundation on which to stand. Consequently, God's Empowered Generation has a multiplicity of activities and sessions in which our youth are regularly involved to keep them not only occupied, but in joyful participation because of the mind-challenging and body-building events geared to their age groups. Our Activities Coordinator, Sis. Sally Johnson is very diligent in the scheduling of the numerous events. Some of these events include:

1. Bowling Events - to insure that our youth are not only involved in fun activities, but activities that help to guard against overweight and youth diabetes. These Bowling activities engage them in sports activities which cause them to move all parts of their bodies and help them to become and remain trim and fit for the challenges of today's world.

2. Roller Skating Parties - scheduled monthly to give our youth the opportunity of being involved in the financial upkeep of youth affairs by raising funds from ticket sales which are earmarked to help support our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten school activities, supply and equipment needs, and field trip activities.

These Skating parties engage not only our youth, but also our adult members and friends who also regularly support with their attendance and finances, engaging themselves as both chaperones and participants in this fun sport of skating around the floor to the tune of great gospel music. This activity too causes all participants to engage in rhythmic moves which provide physical exercise to all parts of their bodies which helps them to remain agile and trim, as well as mental and emotional exercise to help keep them ready and able to handle life's many-faceted issues with vitality and expectation of victory.

3. Other - Field trips to Museums, Field Studies, Movies, Theatre, and Networking with other Youth Ministries from other churches, and neighboring communities.


Regularly scheduled activities include: Temporarily Inactive

Youth Bible Studies - Because the Word of the Lord is essential in the lives of our young people of ALL age groups, it is imperative that we have Bible Study sessions geared specifically to our youth. The word of the Lord says in Prov. 22:6" Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it (from the training that he has received)"; therefore, we spare no effort in insuring that our youth are taught God's word and are given the opportunity to openly discuss it in every session. Q&A sessions are conducted in which they are able to ask any question for which they are in need of an answer, and to receive sound and accurate information, coupled with biblically based support which is readily given.

Youth Forum Sessions are held in a corporate setting every five to six weeks, on Friday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the church. During these sessions, the youth are in charge, and many times visiting speakers, including some famous sports figures, are presented to speak motivationally and give advice to our young attendees. The children, as well as the youth, ranging in ages from 5 through 20, consider these sessions quite a wonderful privilege in that they are able to come together and talk about "their" issues, about which they need truthful answers and advice or guidance.

Truly the Holy Spirit not only reigns supreme with our adults, but His intervention is present to assist us in helping our youth of today to become the well-adjusted adults of tomorrow that God can use for His glory and honor.